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Rock The Vote @Spillwords


I have been nominated for best publication in the poetic category by Spillwords. The poem is republished below. The link to vote for me is here. Scroll down this page to find “Hyannis Harbor, 2007.”

I hate promoting things like this, but I do love writing and Spillwords is such a great place for writers of all genres to come together. Thanks in advance. And as they say, it’s been an honor just to be nominated.

Hyannis Harbor     February 18, 2007

A white fishing boat, all spikes and swinging wooden arms,

Sits in the midst of the dusky-green harbor,

Dormant, Quiet, Shy


Gathered, twisted, rope upon rope

Line upon line,

Nets upon nets,

Are frayed, into a messy tryst on a giant spool.

All wait to be threaded and sewn through the ocean’s fabric.


Booted feet in the water,

The fishermen check the outboard motor.

The water gurgles from below,

And the men are all smiles.

Ready for tomorrow’s trip to the banks.


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