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Musings On Medical PTSD

  So a few months back, I wrote a brutally honest piece for the Chidren’s Craniofacial Association blog about my medical PTSD and anxiety. You can read it on the Children’s Craniofacial Association blog. Thank you for reading my words. They are the best way I know how to make sense of this crazy thing… Continue reading Musings On Medical PTSD

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I Used To Hate Poetry, But Now I Write It

  I used to hate poetry, but now I write it. Sometimes …sparingly. Some of it has been published on Spillwords.com, some of it remains in notebooks and journals. Most of it I wrote during college. My practice has been growingly irregular due to the need to write blog posts and PR copy. There are… Continue reading I Used To Hate Poetry, But Now I Write It

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Everything That Rose, Finally Converged

  Things have been busy these days. Time for fun blogging is few and far between. I’m also trying to revamp the site, add a few more bells and whistles, menus, a newsletter, so this site is a bit “under construction.” (Thank you for your patience.) Right now I am contributing some fiction, poetry, and… Continue reading Everything That Rose, Finally Converged

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Of Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love, and Bobcat Goldthwait

I’ve been missing the point of Nirvana for years. They were punk rock in disguise, or not in disguise at all. I was a punk fan and I did not know it. Kurt Cobain  and his widow Courtney Love continue to baffle me. Especially Courtney, it seems during every interview she reveals something new. Something… Continue reading Of Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love, and Bobcat Goldthwait