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Musings On Medical PTSD

  So a few months back, I wrote a brutally honest piece for the Chidren’s Craniofacial Association blog about my medical PTSD and anxiety. You can read it on the Children’s Craniofacial Association blog. Thank you for reading my words. They are the best way I know how to make sense of this crazy thing… Continue reading Musings On Medical PTSD

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Disability and Advocacy

Yesterday, Monday, March 8th, I spoke on a panel about disability and advocacy work. The working copy of my remarks appears below. I plan on editing for spelling errors, grammar, typos, and flow tonight or tomorrow. In the meanwhile, enjoy the spirit of my words. Here I am surrounded by doctors yet again.  I was… Continue reading Disability and Advocacy

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Adventures in Baseball Research: Jim Bagby Jr.

I researched and wrote a piece on former baseball player, Jim Bagby Jr. for Children’s Craniofacial Association. Hope this brings some Major League Baseball back for you, if for just one moment. If you have talked to me in the last few months, I have most likely annoyed you with this man’s pitching statistics, teams… Continue reading Adventures in Baseball Research: Jim Bagby Jr.

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Walking Into The Dark: Ragnar Kjartansson’s, “The Visitors”

Nothing moves me. Sometimes I wonder if I’m dead inside. Kidding, I couldn’t be more opposite. Everything moves me, I’m totally at the whim of my emotions. However, what typically really does not work for me are video art installations. Love art. Love museums, but the video things baffle me. I walk in and it… Continue reading Walking Into The Dark: Ragnar Kjartansson’s, “The Visitors”