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Barking Dog, Hidden Mindfulness

I have a story that brought such a smile to my face on Saturday. I was driving my car, racing to get somewhere as usual when I came upon my second red light. Frustrated. I inhaled and exhaled to keep myself calm. I looked around taking in the scenery. There was a historic church there a few interesting store fronts there. Then I saw him, or her, a big dog, head hanging out the window looking at me. I was totally in the moment and did something I would never normally do: I waved at the dog, smiled, and said “hi” out loud. Then the most unexpected thing happened. The dog barked back twice as if to say “Hello.” Finally, his friend or identical twin, popped his head out the sunroof, making it clear to me that the second bark was to say “I would like you to meet my brother.” The light turned green and our cars went their separate ways.

I love that I’m able to be a participant or witness to these moments because
I’m fully present.

I’m not always in the moment, but when I am it feels so good. With more practice come more rewards. Never mind smelling the roses, I say stop and listen for the barking dog.

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