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Back To School?

This is first year that I did not have a first day of school. Rolled out of bed wearing an amber Billabong shirt that I got second hand at school clothing swap in February. I kept that shirt on all day, only changing my bottoms to yoga leggings. I sat working on my couch, conversing… Continue reading Back To School?

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Get a Helmet

Some days there are no mistakes. There are some strange coincidences, though. People, usually with big, bright smiles on their faces, say, “Coincidences are God’s way of remaining anonymous.” How quaint. With that said, today while sitting in front of my computer, I clicked my mouse over my Chrome web browser toolbar by accident. Seemingly out… Continue reading Get a Helmet

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I Dreamed A Dream…(and It Won’t Go Away)

I have been having a lot of dreams lately, dreams that I remember and are particularly vivid. I wrote about this issue in a previous post. Sometimes they are fun, other times they are troubling, all because I seem to be remembering them. I have always dreamt, (or is it dreamed), but I was the… Continue reading I Dreamed A Dream…(and It Won’t Go Away)