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I sit outside today on this last hour of vacation and think. I have had lots of time for reflection, writing and rejuvenation. It is amazing what you will discover if you are not afraid to go inside.

I can see I live my life with many ‘shoulds’ and ‘if I coulds.’ this is not really living. Instead a change to just being. Come what may –pain, dental and stomach woes or too much emotion–I just want to live life. Not miss any moments. It is a lot easier said than done. Not trying would mean missing something and I do not want to risk that.

Turning to what is inside is important. So often, I turn to others for approval or to determine whether this or that was correct. I cannot put others on such a pedestal. They are not the arbiters of my being. I give too much away and leave myself behind, lost and forgotten. I cannot afford to do that anymore.

Now the task at hand is to fold these vacation discoveries into my daily life. Harried and crazed, I’ll lose sight of this quickly. I have a plan for today and questions for tomorrow. So it is, as is should be.

One thought on “Being

  1. Such an insightful read, owning yourself, what is yours! You are more powerful than you know. Enjoy the peace you’ve created, and the power you have in knowing you created that moment!

    Enjoy the moment, take it with you.

    Peace, k

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