Happy Hibernation

This is far from my favorite time of year, so I have gone into hibernation mode. It all starts with Thanksgiving and then we only have 30 days till Christmas. I don’t get all these people with their inflatable Santa’s, snowmen, trees, Santa’s on motorcycles, etc on their lawn. I laugh when I drive by during the daylight hours because the inflatable lay flattened on the ground, like red chalk outlines of Father Christmas’ of the past. So weird.
I’m not completely, “Bah Humbug” on the whole deal. I do enjoy spending time with people I care about, my immediate family, especially my brother who it seems I hardly have time to see. We all live busy lives, so it is nice to stop and spend the day together. That is what Christmas about for me. I don’t need gifts. I just need time with my beloved younger brother, sitting in the family room, with Mom cooking, doing what she loves, and Dad trimming the tree, what he loves. Anything, more than that just seems too stressful to me. Decorations, trips to the mall, attending work related parties, watching people spend money they do not have just does not work for me. The commercialization of the holiday is out of hand. Though I will admit, I feel as though there are fewer Christmas related commercials on TV this year. Then again, maybe it is because I just am not paying attention. I am trying to block it all out, to mentally hibernate till it is all over. Happy Holidays everyone.

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