The Bathtub

I am in a bathtub filled with tepid bathbombed navy blue water.  I’m sick, stuffy nosed,  dripping nostrils, packed sinuses  The dryer twirls and drags clothes  Metal fasteners scratch metal,  Fabric thwacking on metal,  Tumbling  While the washer spins so fast it sounds like a jet engine  About to push off, away from the tarmac,… Continue reading The Bathtub

Nature · Spirituality

Spirituality: Desperately Seeking Faith…(and A Seagull?)

I’m always seeking something grander and larger than myself in this world. No, not someone taller than me because that is pretty much everyone. I’m talking about something even bigger: I want my spirituality back. I want my spirituality back like Stella Got Her Groove Back. I know it is possible. I remember sitting in… Continue reading Spirituality: Desperately Seeking Faith…(and A Seagull?)