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Ceiling Fan Fun

We moved into a condo when I was 14 years old while as our new home was built. My four person family was not used to living in such close quarters, but we all did the best we could. There was one living room with attached kitchen on the first floor and two bedrooms, one… Continue reading Ceiling Fan Fun


Vivid Dreams

It is scary how vivid drams can be.  Always and forever idealized, glowing in technicolor red, orange yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. Romantic interests, the romantic lead is always to be a fantastical, idealized version of my elementary school crush.  5% body fat, tall with all the trimmings.  If the dream is of a home… Continue reading Vivid Dreams

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How To Press Reset: Encountering and Creating Whimsy

Chillaxing…time for some god ‘ole dress up I listen to quite a few podcasts.  One of them is Kevin Smith’s, director of Clerks, Mallrats and emperor of the SIR (Smodcast Internet Radio) internet podcast empire.  He talks about “chasing whimsy.”  This is why he got into various film, comic book and radio projects.  He follows… Continue reading How To Press Reset: Encountering and Creating Whimsy