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A Backyard Photographic Jaunt

I shot these on Friday night, June 3, 2016. The reservoir is just a short walk behind my building complex. The last time I went out to take pictures on the reservoir was maybe 2013 or 2014. It is a really, quiet place. I feel spiritually connected there because I am in nature, and it… Continue reading A Backyard Photographic Jaunt

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Spirituality: Desperately Seeking Faith…(and A Seagull?)

I’m always seeking something grander and larger than myself in this world. No, not someone taller than me because that is pretty much everyone. I’m talking about something even bigger: I want my spirituality back. I want my spirituality back like Stella Got Her Groove Back. I know it is possible. I remember sitting in… Continue reading Spirituality: Desperately Seeking Faith…(and A Seagull?)