#ThrowbackSunday on #ThrowbackThursday

I was not able to post last Sunday. I was, and still am, recovering from my first trip overseas. I decided to post today’s writing from the past on #ThrowbackThursday.  The article was written in May 1999 or May 2000. I’m not sure which. This piece was written for my college newspaper edition of  Theader… Continue reading #ThrowbackSunday on #ThrowbackThursday

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Get a Helmet

Some days there are no mistakes. There are some strange coincidences, though. People, usually with big, bright smiles on their faces, say, “Coincidences are God’s way of remaining anonymous.” How quaint. With that said, today while sitting in front of my computer, I clicked my mouse over my Chrome web browser toolbar by accident. Seemingly out… Continue reading Get a Helmet

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How WTF? with Marc Maron Has Changed My Life

It all started with a recommendation by a friend to check out Marc Maron’s WTF podcast that featured an author named Tracey MacMillan. Now, I am a big reader, so this made sense.  It made sense for better understanding where I was at in my life. The purpose  of downloading Marc Maron’s podcast was to… Continue reading How WTF? with Marc Maron Has Changed My Life