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I have no idea where this year seems to have gone. The semester is flying by at work. I am trying to keep my head above water, and my mind and body relaxed. I’m fighting my way into relaxing. It’s been counterproductive, yet I continue to do it. One way this manifests itself is through reading and writing poetry. After seeing Nick Flynn share his work in September at Boston University, I am completely consumed with him. I laughed a bit too loudly for the room at one of his more grave descriptions of alcoholic thinking. He said from the stage, “Only in Boston would that get a laugh.” His latest book of poems is called “I Will Destroy You.” It’s immaculate. I encourage you to go get yourself a copy.
So, I’ve been inspired to post one of my old pieces by my reading of his work, and others too. I don’t know if any of it is good and for some strange reason, I don’t care. …and I really care about things.
This poem is another “oldie but goodie” that I revised a bit. I wrote it in high school or college. Mostly just trying to play around with rhythm. I don’t have any, so it is more than likely the poem does not either. Through words, my goal was to convey the strange flashes of memories and moments of a hospital stay at age 5. Time is a slippery thing, it goes by fast yet slow. Consciousness of the moment, too, comes and goes. Hopefully, I captured that. here in this poem, which was at one time called “Front Clasp.”
Photo chosen by the folks at Spillwords.com. Do check out the other offerings in my author archive while you are on their site, by clicking my name.

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