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Best Writing of 2018



Many writers, creatives, and journalists like to look back on their year of work and reflect back on its impact. Below are the top seven blog posts grouped by category. I am so blessed to be able to tell other people’s stories, to bring them out of the shadows and into the sunlight for just one moment. Thank you CCA Kids for this opportunity.

There were fewer posts about sports this year. I did begin to infuse some sports, nutrition, and wellness in my blog posts for the CCA Kids. It has been a welcome challenge that seems to be well received. I hope to continue to expand these posts in 2019 to integrate more about mindfulness, how to build movement into one’s day, and how to properly fuel the body for optimal health. I can’t just leave sports writing; it is part of who I am. God did it ever kill me that the Red Sox won the World Series and I was not writing about it.  (There is one piece I wrote about the Sox this year. It’s about the 2017 season, my jaw/ear issues, and finding a needed peace through the sport I love.

That said, I know I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I was literally born to do this work. I’m so grateful that I can be of service through one of my way with words. Please take a moment to read these stories so we can celebrate these individuals one last time before we begin this new year!


Patricia Simon Delivers Keynote at Morgan Stanley Hospital in New York

Delaney Cunha Goes Fishing

Hannah Steinagel No Longer Needs to “Only Imagine” 


Cher Crewz: Cher-Tastic Week-Long Event Raises Over $11,000 for CCA

Adaptive Athletics Columns

Fueling Your Body for Post-Surgical Recovery

Ask the Adaptive Athlete: Custom Built Helmets 

Baseball & Me

2017 and Baseball : How the Red Sox Saved Me In 2017





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  1. SG: “Oooh, she has a really pretty eye — who is that?”

    Me: “…that’s _Kara_ from the library — you know Kara…”

    SG: “She has a really nice eye.”

    Fair warning: she didn’t comment on the other eye, so you may have only one pretty eye. ;-p

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