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Three Years!



My whole world revolves around a piece of plastic. Every morning, after I had my breakfast and made my tea, I retreat to my closet to get dressed. The final touches of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and perfume are all made in my closet, too. These final moments of my morning ritual are sacred. The smell of the day’s perfume, mixes with the beauty of the gems I am to put on my ears, and as I put my earring in their proper place, my eyes gaze down upon a simple piece of round, silver plastic: my 24-hour chip. The promise I made to myself on October 24, 2015, that one day at a time I would remain sober from alcohol. I am very grateful for this moment that I take every morning to reflect at this small shrine of the senses. Thank you to all that have been a part of these three years. You know who you are. You know the impact you have had. To anyone out there struggling, you can do it. To anyone who has relapsed, this was not my first attempt at a year or more of sobriety. Get back up! Dust yourself off! Keep moving forward! Remember: It only takes one moment to bring about change! I know I set the intention every morning in my closet. Soon one moment turns into 15 minutes…turns into one hour…1/2 a day….and ultimately…one day at a time.

Shoot for midnight, loves!



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