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Help Me Thank A Great Doctor

Since December 2016, I have been battling right ear and jaw degeneration. My hearing has decreased slowly but surely over the last 8 months. The unwelcome addition of tinnitus began in May 2017. I saw over seven Ear, Nose, and Throat doctors, and a multitude of other specialists since the onset of this latest debacle, most likely related to the craniofacial condition I was born with in 1979, bilateral cleft lip and palate.

In July 2017, I decided to turn to Dr. Mulliken via email. He responded right away. I was surprised, shocked, and pleased. He wanted to help me with the issues I was facing. He stood beside me (via email), offered referrals, and his own empathetic ear to listen.

A few weeks into what became a pen pal-like exchange. I sat at home during a moment of reflection and mediation. I cried tears of gratitude on my couch. What would I do if this man did not come into my life over 25 years ago? What would so many of us do without this man in our lives?

Well, we would be lost, filled with angst, confusion, and incomplete without him in our lives: physically, mentally, and emotionally.

So with these laudatory words said about this great man, I ask that you donate some money (whatever small amount that you can manage) to our nonprofit organization that carries forth Dr. Mulliken’s vision of connecting New England-based families affected by the craniofacial conditions, supporting their mental and emotional wellbeing, and ensuring that they receive expertly-researched medical information.

It is through programming, scholarships, videos and other educational materials that we create a kinder world for those affected by craniofacial conditions. We show children with congenital facial differences like cleft lip and palate, Apert’s Syndrome, Treacher Collins that they are not alone.

In closing, kindness, civility, and wisdom is something this world very desperately needs right now. Would you like to be part of the crusade for kindness? Please donate $5, $10, or even $20 today.

Donate here!

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