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Leaky Gut, Fungus, and Probiotics…Oh my!


If you know me, then you know I have a terrible stomach. I never received answers as to why that was. I have seen more doctors and specialist than many people see in a lifetime. It is scary when I walk out of a doctor’s office, realizing they have no idea how sick I am, nor do they know how to treat me. I’m a hopeless freak of nature.

Not any more. All of those days are behind me. I think I found the doctor that might make me healthy again.

Here’s the deal

I have a few things going on. I have leaky gut, a complete imbalance of gut bacteria, and an immune system that has been shut off by a systemic fungal infection. Yes, my entire body is riddled with fungus.

It all begins with the gut

Leaky gut is just what it sounds like. The walls of my intestines, colon, and other digestive organs leak their contents all over the body. The breaks in the lining of the walls allow toxins, gas, fecal matter, and the yeast to travel all over my body into my bloodstream, muscles, and brain. All of this was caused by heavy use of antibiotics throughout my entire life. I had many surgeries and innumerable sinus and ear infections. All were treated with antibiotics.

Everything is everywhere

So, I feel vindicated because I have said many times, it feels like toxins are all over my body. When I have gas, I can feel it in my back, shoulders, and legs. All of muscles get sore because carbon dioxide (hey chemistry people, the Krebs cycle….eh? em I right?) travels from my stomach to the rest of my body, causing debilitating muscle pain. Lactic acid is created and then the pain begins. It feels like I have the flu, or like I’m paralyzed and can’t move. On top of the aching, I experience this weird “pins and needles” sensation.

And that is just the secondary body symptoms.

I can’t yah know, um…Go

The primary issue is the inability to eliminate waste from my body. My stomach is consistently distended and sore. All I worry about is whether I will be able to eliminate the waste from my body, whether I will use the bathroom today, whether I had enough water to drink, and whether I need to take more laxatives.

The best minds of Western Medicine at the world’s best hospitals have only said take more laxatives, or here is a prescription for a drug that will stimulate your system to eliminate waste. None of the prescriptions worked. The laxatives are a band-aid. They tried to treat symptoms, not the root cause.

I have a plan

No more. Now I have a plan, only trouble is it will make me much sicker before I get better. From what I have read, if I am sick from the protocol, then I know it is working.


What does this Hell entail?

First, I will be taking millions of milligrams of an oral antifungal. Three tabs three times a day. This is so much antifungal that 5 minutes after the doctor called it into the pharmacy my cell phone rang. The pharmacy called to tell me that the order must be wrong and they would not fill the script.

It’s not. I got the script filled.

Second, I have to tighten up my diet even more than it already is. I can eat all the meat that I want, high quality fats, like coconut oil, olive oil, clarified butter (canola oil is a franken-food), leafy green vegetables, and a couple of seeds and nuts once in a while. Nothing else. I cannot even have a so much as a sweet potato. No fruit. Even carrots and other root vegetables are verboten. All would feed the yeast, which we will be trying to eliminate. Finally, at night I will be taking a super high-potency probiotic. Billions of strains of probiotic strains per capsule will repopulate gut bacteria. Most of the gut bacteria was killed off by the fungus. The fungus sacked Rome and took over! Now it is time to kick these guys out of town.

Supplements include plant tannins twice or three times a days to help kill the yeast, high dose Vitamin D, and a super-charged Echinacea. None of these drugs and supplements is sold over the counter. Some are from countries worlds away. All of the supplements sold at supermarkets and pharmacies are not pure enough.

Finally, we will wash all that down with gallons of water. Flushing the toxins that will be released by the anti fungal treatment are crucial.

This will be my life for the next 3 months, or longer, depending on how bad the infection is. I will try foods, a bit of quinoa, a bit of sweet potato, here and there to see how I tolerate it.

Die off

I understand I will be nauseous, weak, tired, and experience what has been described to me like symptoms one experiences when treated for cancer with chemotherapy. This is what happens when fungus dies off inside your body. Keep the water flowing and it will leave.

Aggravated and Motivated

It’s game on in the war against fungus. The battlefield is my body.

I’m sick of being sick, and even more aggravated that I continue to take hits, left, right, and center, over the course of my entire life. I think this will solve almost all of my problems including my stomach trouble, anxiety, forgetfulness, insomnia, obsessive thinking (there is a gut bacteria that causes it…yeah that was news to me too), addictive tendencies, mood disturbances, digestion of food, and low energy. Day in and day out, I’m running on shear will and anger. Now, I’ve got hope. I am determined to find the will to turn this hope into reality.

The American Diet: Everything we think is right is wrong.

Finally, after all the research I have done to heal myself I found that the American public has everything about consumption of food wrong. We have everything about dieting wrong, too. Moreover, I am shocked at how much of my eating is driven by my emotions.

One of the greatest lies perpetrated on the American people is that we need grains and carbohydrates for fuel to exercise. No, we do not. We run on fats. Eat the right fats, plants (there are your precious carbs), protein, and fruit for dessert. There I just solved the country’s obesity problem and a generation of digestive systems in one fell swoop.

Certainly, it is more complicated than that, but basically that is the general idea.


I hope this entry helps someone out there that is suffering. I will report on my progress once I begin this adventure a week from today.

For now, please watch this interview Joe Rogan conducted with Mark Sisson from Mark’s Daily Apple.

If you are interested in leaky gut, scrub to the 26:00 minute mark. There is something else that is useful at 52:00 minute mark, too. I just can’t remember what.

Read Vinnie Tortorich’ book. It is entertaining and informative. His website can be found here He has a podcast, list of resources, and recipes.

Listen and visit to advice given by Chris Kelly who started the Nourish Balance Thrive website over in the United Kingdom.

One thought on “Leaky Gut, Fungus, and Probiotics…Oh my!

  1. Kara, dear, fingers crossed that this new course of action will work for you. Your courage in battling these physiological dæmons is always impressive. And l need hardly add that you write like an angel!❤

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