Rest Easy, Scott Weiland

One of my favorite deep cuts from Stone Temple Pilot’s Core. This album was a game changer for me. Rough news tonight from the West Coast via Dave Navarro on Twitter​ that Scott Weiland died.


One of the greatest front men of the 1990s, possibly of all time. I remember exactly where I was when I first heard this album, Derby Academy. Yeah, go ahead laugh. I was at summer camp. This cute boy had his discman with him. We were in a drawing class and he asked me if I wanted to listen. Of course, boy crazy gal that I am, I did. I was hooked the minute I listened to it. I don’t remember how I got the CD, but I did. I then remember listening to this album while laying in bed at home (way too loud of course) thinking I had found the answer to all the universe’s questions. And thus began a life-long love of rock, heavy metal, big guitar rifts, badass bass players, and any man that dared play a guitar or sing with all of their being.

Let us know “what the rents like in heaven,” Scott. Rest easy, man. You deserve some peace!

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