Lights, Camera, Action!: Mashpee, MA





Images Copyright Kara Jackman

These photos were taken in Mashpee, MA at Willowbend Country Club. The floors, herbs, and overall landscaping were on point. I stubbled upon mint, different types of basil, and even lavender around the grounds of this exclusive golf course. I am becoming a bit of a green thumb, these days, so this was of particular interest to me.

My brother’s wedding reception was at the country club. The weekend was so busy I did not have the opportunity to enjoy the grounds and amenities. I was grateful for the opportunity to take a few days off to experience a beautiful pool deck, and a top-notch exercise, tennis, and golf facility.

And…it was a great place to take my camera out for a spin.

I hope you enjoy the fruits of my fun (not labor). I am currently taking an online photography class so I can get the most out of my DSLR and take better photos. Perhaps, even earn money from this creative outlet.

Hopefully, I am decent enough at this photography thing to make a go of it. If not, that is okay. I enjoy the opportunity to be creative. Without some form of artistic expression, life would be quite boring. Photography is an easy way to keep strengthening those creative muscles.




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