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What’s The Big Idea?

I made a big mistake and published a blog meant for another location. (I fixed it and is now gone.) Some people out there may learn something about me that I may not have wanted to share under my actual, real name. Sometimes I care, sometimes I do not care about what gets published here. This is my space to do what I please. I have spent the better part of the last 36 years doing what I think other people want me to do (emphasis on the think). It is no way to live. I am trying to undo all the terrible work my evil brain has done.

I want to be authentic, real, and I do not want to censor myself.

I am an open book to some extent, I guess. I can’t be completely honest in a world where it can quickly be used against you. I am usually pretty careful, just not so tonight.

However, now that I have yelled “Fire” in a crowded cinema, I do want to address a continuing problem with this blog: the main idea (you know, “what’s it all about, Alfie?” I know I am too young for that reference, but for some reason I know a lot more than I should.)

I tell people I blog, and they then ask, “what about,” and that’s where the conversation ends because I do not have an answer.

“I write about pop culture!?!???” I muse.

“I write about whatever strikes my fancy!?!??” is another way of handling it. It is true. It is an authentic response.

I’m this weird person that enjoys all the many different parts of the world, and can talk about any number of those areas for about 10 minutes, or 500 words. I’m a dabbler, a dilettante. It is much ado about nothing, or it’s much adieu about nothing, if you do not get it. In other words, thanks for clicking through.

I’m into baseball, basketball, football, tennis, art, architecture, music, literature, writing, the emotional and mental process, life, self improvement, and a bunch of other things. It may be easier to name the things I know little about: 1) cooking, 2) keeping some plants alive and growing, and 3) curling.

I love new topics. So maybe some day soon cooking and baking will be an interest of mine. I get obsessed with something and often lock in on that topic alone until I have reached some intermediate level of understanding. Or I get distracted and move on to something else of interest. An example, I was pretty interested in the Holocaust when in Junior High School. I read everything I could get my hands on from fiction to nonfiction. The same was true with the life and death of President John F. Kennedy (from birth to now) and healing herbs (high school).

I do not want to be the “I-like-everything” kind of person, but I do like almost everything.

So I guess the blog is about almost everything.

What is a real cool way of saying this?:

“I’m a short-form essayist.”

“The blog about everything,” …as opposed to the sitcom about nothing.

I like the essayist. There is something there…

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