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Blog Relaunch: Minor Threat


Please check out the relaunch of my blog that focuses on the Boston Red Sox minor league teams from Pawtucket to the Dominican Republic. I’ve decided to rename it Minor Threat. Thought it had a nice ring to it. What do you think? Hoping to get some traffic over there via my social media accounts, this blog post, and more. I may offer giveaways, shoutouts on Twitter to get you more followers, and other fun stuff. If you have any ideas on how to promote this relaunch, please let me know. You can contact me through the site.

I will continue to contribute to a a great New England blog site, There are a great team of writers and articles on the Celtics, Bruins, Red Sox, and Patriots. If it’s sports related and happening in New England, there is a good chance we cover it.It has been fun. I am very, very grateful to be part of this talented group of sports writers.

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Thanks for reading!

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