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Keep Knocking


I heard this quotation spoken in my Friday evening yoga class. I loved it because I lived it during 2014 and desire to never stop living it.

Hope is the glue that binds the action of knocking with the joy that is yet to be exposed. So long as we keep trying to get better, work on ourselves every day, and hold a hope for tomorrow, joy is within reach. At least this is how I choose to interpret Rumi’s words.

Hope can be a wonderful thing and, boy, is it dangerous. Some days it may be in abundance. Other days there is but a thin sliver to get us to tomorrow. This is rough news, right?

People say, “Hope is for suckers,” but is it?  The way I see it is the sliver is always there. This is the guarantee between you and the Universe. There is always hope, but it is the quantity and the surrounding expectations that are fluid. I have come to terms with just that this year. I am working on managing my expectations and enhancing the amount of hope I hold for tomorrow. Still, again, the only guarantee is that sliver of hope that we go to bed with each night. Expanding the quantity and expectations is up each individual.

I have more work to do with expectations. What else can I work on to bring more joy into my life? Perspective making? State of mind? Focusing more on my body, rather than the thoughts in my head? Yes. Yes. Yes.

What do you plan on to work on to bring joy into your lives? I would love to hear your suggestions on your journey toward joys.

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