“Maybe This Time” — Cabaret

I’m sitting on a curb in Orlando, FL at nearly 10pm and this song pops info my head for no particular reason. No particular reason except I was with my mother earlier today. The song is from Cabaret it is called “Maybe This time.” I just randomly started singing it. Then I had to check whether I had the lyrics right on YouTube. I didn’t of course. The last time I saw Cabaret was in, perhaps, college starring Terri Hatcher (yes, the one from the superman TV show, and Norbert {something} his name fails me} before it went to Broadway. They do that in Boston. They test everything out, from the blocking to the singing, in our theaters. We are blessed. I saw Jason Biggs in The Graduate that way, too. Apparently, my college years were prime time for incredible revivals. Actually, I have been seeing them there forever, and ever.
Anyway, I started singing this song and it’s such a beauty of a song. Liza Minelli sang it, and continues to, in her shows. What is it that causes a song to pop into our heads? Is it our emotions toward our loved ones, in this case, miles and states away? Is it a smell? Or a taste? The brain works in such a crazy way. But I don’t mind, when it reminds me of who I am at my very core. Filled with love for those that I love, and those that love me.

“Maybe this time for the first time love won’t hurry away.”

Indeed. I hope that feeling does not hurry away. And for me it wouldn’t be the first time that it stayed with me. I can thank God and all those in my life for that.

Thanks for reading.

(This one is from the movie starring Liza)

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