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A Snippet of a Book I have Yet to Write

After an email I received a few days ago, I felt compelled to post this snippet. I hope to write a book about my experiences with surgeons. I was born with cleft lip and palate. I give back to the community the best ways I know how, planning programs for teens and young adults. I hope to build self-esteem, love, and information about surgeries to come in the teen and young adult years. Through this work, I have the opportunity to give back to those whom have given me so much: surgeons. 

I’ve been meeting with ‘slicers and dicers’ my whole life. They come with various interpersonal quirks that run the gamut of what I can only characterize as Surgeon’s Mind. Some have a bedside manner and can talk to people, (they’ve usually undergone some sort of Liberal Arts education), while others simply are the best pair of hands and foreams in the business and you just “better-damn-well-put-up-with-whatever-comes-out-of-their-mouth.” Yes, forearms. You can judge a great surgeon by the jacked forearms and lack of muscle almost everywhere else. Err, well sometimes. There are the Dr. McDreamy’s, real and televised, that are the exception that prove the rule.

Even at their core, those with strong Surgeon’s mind have great hearts. I was lucky enough to experience that this week. I am proud to work alongside some of these great people that have helped literally shape into the woman that I am today. I am grateful for their service, kindness and understanding during intense times. If anyone can handle intensity it is them because they can tap into a part of themselves, or turn off another part, keep business simple, look beyond the bullshit and with laser focus get to heart of the matter, knowing what truly counts.

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