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Dream Narrative – Last Night’s Journey

I had a dream. A period piece, as we say in literature circles. Perhaps, the early 1960s on the coast of Spain. We, or quite possibly, they, a man and a woman,  met after an argument on the roadside after some car trouble.  The details are fuzzy.  They began to travel together, and fall in love. He had a beard, initially, then he showered and shaved after going back to the hostel. I (she) did the same. They went shopping in the nearby ocean side village. We then went for a walk on the beach. The tide was out, and the tidal flats filled with beautiful, light green seafoam. We shared our first kiss as we strolled in the foam, falling down, and kissing in the flats. We were shopping again when I woke up.


It is amazing the teleportation (a la Star Trek) and lack of a sense of time that occurs in dreams. Nothing and everything makes sense. The stream of consciousness is freeing because it releases us from the need for a narrative arch, though in this dream sequence it seems there is one clearly defined. This may have surfaced only because it was so very vivid.

I’m not a big believer in lucid dreaming, a dream in which one is aware that they are dreaming. What I described above is about as close as I ever get. It is more accurately described as a vivid dream. Although, now that I reflect on it a bit more, I have had dreams within dreams. The sort of thing depicted in the movie Inception. I remember watching that movie and just going “Nah-uh, this is way out there.” Then it happened to me, and boy, did I ever want a toy top to spin when I woke up.


What does this all mean? Yes, I know I have an overactive brain. I just wish my brain were this much fun during the day. Daily, I am burdened with details, thoughts I do not want to have, and the never ending “to do” lists of life. Perhaps during the day, I am overly conscious, holding on too tightly to my mind and where it wishes to go.  Everyone is always telling me to “let go.” Maybe letting go is falling in love on the Spanish countryside.

If so, I’m happy to try it.

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