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Cleft-ese or genuine confusion

A recurring theme in my life has always been, do people actually understand the words that come out of my mouth? I speak cleft-ese, the language I have dubbed to be that of one who was born with cleft lip and palate. Or really any craniofacial condition. Thus perhaps it could be called cranio-ese, but lets not belabor the point. I’m hyper-fucking-nasal. It can be hard to tell what I am saying and I’m horrid with hard consonants. D, G, N, R, S, you get the picture. I accept this, repeat things when asked, sometimes with different words. A nice work around. I try hard to enunciate, but sometimes it doesn’t come out as intended.
On the other side, of another coin, I wonder if its not what I am saying, but rather what I am talking about. Yes! Score! One more thing to be self-conscious about. If there weren’t enough out there all ready. Maybe people do not know architects names, or have a knowledge of popular designers of fashion, photography, and the visual arts, as I do. Instead of feeling self satisfied and smarter, I feel stupid and the token annoying conversationalist.

Trouble is I just never know whether I am not understood, or not understood.

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