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Love and Art Transcend

Yesterday was National Coming Out Day.  I wrote a piece (which may be seen below) as a long time Ally of the GLBTQ community. This part of the piece was highlighted and drawn rather artistically for the poster presentation at the school that I had to take a picture of it.  I am grateful to whomever transformed my words into this work of art. I feel this statement is a powerful and necessary one during this election year.


Thanks to my parents who worked in urban environments, both my brother and I were exposed to different types of people from an early age.  I never knew that there was anything wrong with “being gay” or “being a lesbian, ”just like I did not know that people would get upset at others over their skin color.  It just was how some of our friends lived or how some of our friends appeared; it did not define them. Once I became older, I realized the struggle they faced each day.  All they wanted was to express and experience love and acceptance. I think this very important notion is lost on closed-minded people. Love, romance, and support  between two human beings is one of the most beautiful and undeniable things one may have the opportunity to experience in their lifetime.


Recently, a long time friend of the family acknowledged the 7 year anniversary of his lover’s passing. He posted a musical tribute to his  Facebook wall, as well as, a written tribute to him in both verse and prose. They had been together for 30 years before his death in 2005. I commented on his post by saying, “I would consider myself to be very blessed to experience that kind of love for just one hour, and you had 30 years together.”

This is not a political, sexual, personal, or theological issue.  It is about something far more powerful: Love.

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