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Masks. Masks. We all wear them, right? Some are sheer, see through organza others are deep, thick headdresses and helmets made of impenetrable steel. We are constantly changing them from the light to the strong depending upon who we are around. We clutch to them, ever so tightly, amid new faces and places. With familiar friends we wear a much lighter load, with family (God willing) we are naked faced, no need for protection, our authentic selves.

I wear masks, so do you. I don’t want to wear them any more, but in most situations you must. Some may call these masks “roles,” but for me that gives the mask more power as it ties itself to an identity. An identity that is false. I just want to be me. There are times I catch myself wearing a mask in situations that I know are safe. Safe being defined as an environment where I can truly come as I am (not as what you want me to be). Silly, how wearing them becomes pretty much instinctual. Guess that comes from the many roles we must fill in a day. Forget about the many hats people wear, I feel the metaphor should be the many masks people wear.

There is such a danger in operating only with our masks on. We do not get the help we need. Friends never know our true selves. We may be so distracted by masking that:

We do not do our best work
We do not live our best lives
We do not love deeply
We do not enjoy the moment
We do not know ourselves
We do not know ourselves
We do not know ourselves

The fear of authenticity creates a world filled with mask wearing people. I want to shed mine. Would you like to join me?

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