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Love is All You Need


“Love is all you need” (McCartney/Lennon)

Sometimes you forget what is important.  Then you come upon artifacts from your past and it begins to make sense.  Love is all you need. The above baubles and jewelry remind me of how privileged I am to be loved. The locket stands out to me the most as I was an avid fan of Annie as a child. The locket was the item that represented the link Annie had with mother in the movie and play. The only thing she had that was from her mother and from her real past. It represents the hope for tomorrow. For me the locket represents love and stands as a reminder that love has always been around me, no matter how bad things get, I have the knowledge that I was, and still am, loved by many.  This is something I tend to forget. And something I most definitely should not take lightly with regard to relationship maintenance.

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