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Times they are a chaaaaangin’

The times they are a changing, here, on the KMJ98 blog. I have been thinking about writing as a career. Many questions have been rolling around in my head of late. Do I go back to school for journalism or PR stuff, do I just write and keep the job I got, do apply for jobs that are for writers and reporters? What do I do?  So, I let those questions, roll around in my head and I keep going about my life.  Sometimes questions, like prayers, are not answered in the most conventional of ways. Which leads to this quick story….

I listen to a lot of podcasts because I am constantly on the road, and while I sit in traffic music sometimes does not do it. I love Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast, which has been mentioned on my blog plenty of times. I heard him interview one Sarah Benincasa. She was amazing, honest, and inspiring. I truthfully did not know who she was until Maron’s interview. Thank God! She gave me the answers to all the questions I held between my two ears.  I wrote her a thank you email of sorts and she just ran down everything I was thinking about without really knowing it.  She said I should keep my job and assured me that I could work anywhere, because I have a useful trade. She suggested  I register the domain name of my blog.  Now if you look up, it says,!

Additional changes to the site need to be made as well, I need to weed some old crappy posts, and hopefully move them to another place, or just suppress them in some way.  I only want the best things “live.” I need to be more focused and professional about the blogging.  The images on all pages need to improve, so I can reveal a bit more of my identity and individuality through design.

The site will be up, but I may disable it from sending links to Facebook and Twitter. I discovered a couple of weeks ago that if I edit a piece it republishes on Facebook and Twitter, confusing readers and myself.

I plan to flesh out one of the published blog entries for a website Sara mentioned. I think I am closer to this dream than I realized.  Thank God for my podcast habit and Marc Maron. He is pretty much me with a penis.  I plan on writing about how I found him and how he continues to change my life with each show in a future blog. (I thknk that sentence needs a comma, but I am on 4 hours sleep, so I’ll figure it out later.) Check him out by going to Itunes and searching for WTF Pod or head over to his website

Here’s a picture of him. He’s adorable.

Marc Maron host of WTF Pod

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