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Pearl Beacon

My mother gave me a simple, fake, pearl bracelet on the last day of vacation.  She came out onto the white wrap-around porch and held out her hand.  I held out mine and into it dropped 3 seashells and a bracelet.

“Did you buy this?” I asked.

“No, I found it on the beach while I was walking.”

“oo…huh  Cool!” I said.

I put it on just because it was more convenient that packing it.  I really did not think much of it.  At the time I was focused on remembering the last moments of vacation, sitting in the sun before I headed back to the cold New England weather.  It wasn’t until a few days later that I realized I was still wearing it.  I looked down at it and thought about sitting on the balcony in the sun.  It was a nice reminder of a great morning of peace and warmth.

I consider myself a very visual person.  My thoughts are too jumbled and cause me nothing but trouble.  My anxiety is bad, so I get locked up.  Knowing that I am excellent in getting in my own way, I thought, “I need something to pull me out of my toxic thinking.”  This something had to be a beacon of hope, chance, opportunity and endless possibilities in a world where I only see one negative answer to every question.  It had to be a physical object that had meaning.  The pearl bracelet was a perfect fit.

It was found on the beach….representing chance

I decided to wear it… exciting new opportunity

I  look to it in my times of need…….giving me the gift of perspective when I need it to consider many different answers and angles to life’s constant questions.

Pearls of Hope

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