Happy Birthday Fenway Park!

I went to the Fenway Park open house today.  It was great fun.  You could just walk right in, as if you were a ticket holder on a game day.  I had such a fun experience today.  I felt like a child again, headed in there ready to root for my favorite players like Wade Boggs and Oil Can Boyd.  When there were managers to be proud of like Butch Hobson…well, errr, sort of.  There were so many people out there today, since this coincided with the School Vacation Week.  I walked near the section where my family used to sit many years ago.  The field was so beautiful.  I think I took some great pictures.  I was unable to get onto the field.  The lines were long.  My colleague told me that Louis Tiant was signing autographs when he went down at lunch.  He said the line was too long.  How can you not love Louis?

I haven’t done anything spontaneous in a long while.  Provoking questions from my mother, like ” Where are you?  I didn’t know you were going.”  I replied, “I didn’t either.”  It was great.  It was good clean, fun, as I texted to a friend.

When I got back to work, I was speaking like a kid, so fast no one could understand me.  More of these good, clean spontaneous events need to happen.    It keeps life fun.  Things don’t have be dangerous to be exciting.  It is one thing to understand that, but another to truly experience and live it, as I did today.

I want more of these experience and look forward to building them into my life.

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