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Testing, Testing 1, 2, 3

We are, as humans, constantly going to be tested.  If you are not being tested or struggling with something in life, then I strongly believe you are not living a full life.  You may be fooling yourself.  When I say struggling, I do not mean suffering with something. I mean changing your orientation, working on, developing, growing and coping with whatever it is that is your challenge in your life at the time.  Can you overcome and learn something along the way?  Are you experiencing the ups and downs in life fully?  These tests can be spiritual journeys.  On the slide down,  we grow and learn.  We learn the hard lesson of acceptance.  During the ups, we enjoy the ride to the fullest extent.  True joy.  True love.  Truly being.  In the end, we want reasonable amounts of both to live a balanced life.

I feel a change in me and just needed to find some a way to communicate it.  I feel strongly about what I have experienced, recently, thanks to the twists and turns life takes.  I learn so much when I am fully present for life and use my mind and heart for the Good, and not self-flagulation.

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