Felix Strikes Again

Everybody's Gotta Go
I gotta cut down on the sour patch kids
Chilaxing and watching tv
Weeeeee! Fun on the fan

Hey, Felix here again.  Here are the things I love to do while Kara is gone.  Gosh, this place is so much fun to explore.  I’ve had such a great time getting into all kinds of hijinx.  I love reading, watching TV,  eating candy, and using the household equipment as my own personal amusement park rides and gym equipment (gotta keep in shape).  Kara gave me that idea when she threw me in that Dryer deal.

She’s been reading Harry Potter.  She swore she would not, but she is full on into these books.  I love them, too.  All the magic and mysteries to solve.  They are “wicked pissah,” as they said  back in the Filene’s warehouse where I spent some time before moving in with Kara.  God, remember Filene’s?  It’s too bad it closed.  Anyway, I know she’ll be home soon.  I gotta catch up on some Big Brother 13 and see what is all the hub-bub about this Toy Story movie.  What’s this about talking stuffed animals? Maybe I can relate.  Thank God for On-Demand.  Kara is too cheap for DVR.  Sheesh.  Hope you enjoy the montage.  Felix out!

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