Happy Birthday

So I have recently had a birthday, which is always cause for great celebration.  I never thought I would reach 30.  It seemed impossible when you spent most of your life in hospitals and treated for various medical maladies.  For that 30th birthday I was front row, center for my favorite band Staind, Shinedown and the then brand new Halestorm.

This year, 2 years later, was special too, especially after the previous 5 months of the hell that was my life.  I realized how great life can be and as I said to my Mom, “I think I will stick around a bit longer.”  I do not know what I would do without my family.  They just give, give, give and I am so happy to have them as a strong support.  No matter what I do, what part of hell they pull me out of (no matter how often), I am always accepted back in my home to a hot shower and my clean bed.  I am eternally grateful for that.  I was filled with such gratitude over the weekend for both that and the overwhelming flow of love I received.  Yet another year, I get to spend on this planet.  How wonderful!  And, Oh, how hard I must continue to fight on!

It is not easy.   All the work my brain has to do to be healthy is exhausting.  Soon it will be better assimilated into my being, but right now I am still practicing. I will keep on going strong, no matter what comes my way.

Birthday candles
Happy Birthday

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