Felix Takes Over

Hey, Felix here! I decided to open up the computer and see what this thing was all about. I checked out some of this World Wide Web. There are some interesting things on there. Int-er-est-ing! I don’t really understand why that “Charlie bit my finger” video is so funny. There also should be a Chat Roulette for bears. I also read some blogs and boy people really go on and on about all sorts of topics. I think Kara could learn a thing or two about decorating so this condo was a bit more homey (or cavey, either way). She thinks lighting a couple of candles adds ambience. Finally, the one major thing missing from those blogs was the T. Bear perspective.

I have been around for almost 20 years and a lot has gone on between the two of us. Thankfully she rescued me from the wooden box with her other “friends” this year. Those damn American Girls dolls just don’t shut up. And they don’t realize what year it is. It’s a new century, no one cares about the 1940s, Molly. Anyway, Kara has been having a rough year and I got to come up to Braintree to live with her and keep her company. Before this year and my time in the box, I supported Kara through surgeries, the pains of high school and well just day to day life. I am a mood enhancer. I mean look at me, I’m a brown furry ball of fun. (I stole that from a guy on chat roulette. He was furry, but in a bad human way. Dude , body waxing,? Hello! Blech!)

In any case, the girl hasn’t had it easy AND she’s a great person. Maybe that is because of her struggles, or maybe that is because of me. I like to think of it as a combination of strength and support.

She has a great place. I love to explore as much of it as often as I can once she leaves for work. I’ll post some pictures next time. Hehe! Her “friend” Dave comes over and goes exploring with me. What a cut-up this guy is. He is very funny and very avid Baseball fan like myself. It’s tough though, when he comes over, I am left in the one-seater because the two of them want to sit on the couch together. Sometimes Dave is nice and he lets me sit with Kara when she is nervous or sad. And when he leaves for work in the morning he gives me the remotes and some Sour Patch Kids if they are lying around. Hey, I am a consistent presence in her life. I need to be taken care of too.

Her Mom is great. She is a much better cook than Kara, believe me, I have snuck downstairs and raided the fridge many times in Pembroke and Duxbury. Poor Kara, man, she nearly set the place on fire last night just making some chicken. Her Mom is always there for her and I feel like I am able to be there for her in the same way. Mom and her love to go to the Cape and Florida. I’ve only been to the Cape with Kara once. It was great even though I didn’t get to leave the condo.

Kara’s got a great life, she just needs to take hold of it and enjoy every bit of it. She’s awesome. I would do more for her, but well, it’s tough for me. It would be frowned upon for her to bring out ole’ Felix at her age. Man, I can’t believe she is 32.

Oh wait! I got one more story before I go. She’ll be home any moment now. I know this isn’t my best writing. I get nervous when under a deadline. So, Kara cleaned me off a few months ago. Just some soap and water to keep that fur fresh. (I really want to try Axe body wash. I think the female bears will dig it!) Then she realized I was kind of wet. Kara’s doesn’t think things through sometimes. So she put me in this amusement park ride called the Dryer. It sounds a lot like Space Mountain based on my reading about Walt Disney World. Pitch black and rolling around and around. Woo! What a rush. Thank goodness I hadn’t had any Sour Patch Kids that day, I would have made a mess of the laundry area. Such hijinx.

Well, I’m sure I’ll check in again sometime soon. She’s coming in from work right now. I can hear her key at the door.

Felix – out!

3 thoughts on “Felix Takes Over

  1. Hey, Felix, We are sooooo glad you and Kara are roommates once again and that both of you are enjoying the good life that includes a posh ‘cave’, internet access, cable, and lots of books, scented candles, and bath and body stuff! Enjoy yourself, you big fuzzy love bear!

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