Some lighter fare: NCAA March Madness

I love this time of year. I have always been interested in college sports, but men’s basketball always take the cake for me. I especially love watching the round of 64 (AKA as the Big Dance). I love seeing teams like Morehead State (who?), Bucknell and even Boston University compete against the top seed. I just saw Morehead State beat Louisville, a team coached by Rick Pitino, arguably one of the best NCAA coaches ever to coach the game. It is hard to see a sure thing go down like that, but then again to see those kids of Morehouse State in complete elation is really, truly what dreams are made.

I find this round far more compelling than the final game, the stakes are so high for teams that did the best they could in their league and division. Everyone comes to play their best AND THEY DO! I was reminded of a great book about the Patriot league teams today, written by sports writer John Feinstein, called The Last Amateurs. Feinstein reported on the time I was at Holy Cross, a Patriot League school. The book celebrates the purity of the sport, its players and coaches. This love is something that gets lost in the NBA and larger schools with all the talk focused on money and scholarships earning championships. I say that with all the love in the world, having been a lifelong Duke and Celtics fan.

…and with that Temple wins by 2 points against Penn State.

Dream big, work hard and win.

3 thoughts on “Some lighter fare: NCAA March Madness

  1. Actually, I hate this time of year. If it weren’t for march Madness, i would want them to just do away with this month!

  2. I agree, this time of year sucks save for NCAA hoops. Although my men’s bracket was wrecked as of this weekend…and now that UConn and Stanford lost I have no one in my women’s bracket either 😦

  3. I don’t tend to watch the women, like i’ll check out a game or two. i just hope i am home in time for the game tonight. otherwise, i am going to turn it on at the board meeting on my computer. i want to see Butler win.

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