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Be good to one another

This is going to be short.  I constantly have to remind myself this and felt it worthy to pass along: Let’s all be good to one another.  That seems to be the message of today for me.  Everything is pointing me in that direction.  From friends, acquaintances, personal ephemeral interactions, podcasts, music, etc…everything today has said “be good to one another.”  You don’t know who else is suffering or when someone you are around will begin suffering.  Plus, you never know when the Karmic wave will come to get you.   No gossiping, no perpetuating other people’s pain.   Who knows if you are next?  No sadness or negativity.  Be careful with your words and actions.  Be mindful.  Watch your thoughts.

Pass on love.

It is almost Valentine’s Day.   It may not be a holiday that everyone celebrates, but it can serve as a reminder to take greater care of one another.

Ok, hon, I am going to bed now. 🙂  ❤

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