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2 Entry Mash-up

This seems to be a two entry mash-up, so if it makes little sense together, you know why…you have been warned.

I have not written in a while. I don’t have many profound things to say.   I have been working on other writing and self improvement projects.  Plus, I have had a wonderful head cold.

I will say Christmas and New Year’s Eve were great.  They were the best I have experienced in recent memory, because I could feel the spirit.  It was not because I got great gifts (but I did).  I enjoyed the time with friends and family.  It was great and I usually am such a scrooge.

Since then, when not coughing and sneezing, I have had my creative hat on.  I gave my Mom a book of my photographs and poems.  I could clearly see a book with my photographs selling well in my home town.  I have been researching about different craft projects that might be interesting on which to work.  Mostly, though, I want to write more.  I’m not great with the grammar, but I enjoy my flow.  Here’s one possible idea…

I’m thinking about starting a new blog that would memorialize the stories of my childhood.  I want to remember the memories and accentuate the positives from that time in my life.  So much of the time was riddled with surgeries and doctor’s appointments and I don’t want that to be the focus of what I remember from back then.  I read entries from a journal that I kept in the 1980s.  I just wrote about good things.  I didn’t write much negative stuff.  I want to renew that spirit.

It is important to me to continue to accumulate the positives around me and remember the positivity in my past.  I want to live life to the fullest and I feel this is one way I can change my feelings, thoughts and behavior that are the three cornerstones of life.  Things have been so great lately.  I just came back from vacation and I feel refreshed and renewed.  Reconnecting and spending time with my mother is always the best.  Laughing with her and making her laugh is the greatest joy in the world.  She just crinkles up her face and can’t contain herself.  It is truly an experience and something I will always cherish.  I always will have those memories to keep me warm, now and when the time comes for her to pass on to her next life.

I am thoroughly grateful for all the people in my life and the memories we make.  Every day provides a new opportunity to be creative, exercise, help my fellow man or woman, make a new personal connection and take good care of myself.  Since I have radically changed my way of living everything feels better, even the times that are dark or bad.  I am able to weather them better because of enhanced skill development and allowing more of the world into my life.  Some things are still fuzzy.  That will always be the case.  I am getting closer to becoming okay with that.  It is all part of the growth factor that has occured over the last 5 months.

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