A Mysterious Letter

On Tuesday I found a note on my car at work.  I was nervous because I had just walked past a Boston University police car that was parked in the lot I frequent.  I removed it from the windshield and read the following:

“Hi, I own the (New) Rav4 (Grey) in the back of you.   The dealer says the temp control knob doesn’t light up.  Seems strange.  Does yours also not light with lights on?  I wonder if the dealer just wants me to go away.”

Then the person leaves his/her name, email and office phone number.  I write back via email the following message:

“My name is [redacted] and I am the proud owner of the 2010 Toyota Rav4 that you placed the note on today.  I must say your note gave me a bit of a scare because there was a BUPD police car on the rooftop garage when I found the note.  I laughed with relief and joy that it was simply from another RAV4 owner.

The dealer/or seller of the car is totally bullshitting you.  (At least that was the word that came to mind when I read your note.)  My interior temperature control lights, all three across work just fine.  All that look like lights should illuminate when the exterior lights are on.  I have driven Rav4’s since 2005…this is my second since the new model upgrade, I just bought it in August.

I drove around your car to see what dealership you purchased from, but didn’t see the name.  I bought from Braintree Toyota this time around in August 2010.  I would go to them if you are close to the South Shore and see their service department.  You can bring your car to any dealership for service.  I love Braintree Toyota.  If you are West of the city i would go to Bernardi Toyota in Framingham.  They have a great service department, too.  Explain to them what you explained to me and I am more than confident that both/either dealership will take good care of you.  If your mileage is low and the car is not used, which it did not appear to be, you should have no problem getting what you want at either of these locations of GREAT repute.

I can always meet you in the lot if you wish (gosh this is getting rather clandestine…I’m in a fully committed relationship.) so I can show you the operability of my lights.  My office number is 617-353-1323.

Nice to meet you.  You know, in that creepy, horror movie type of way.  Just kidding!   Your note totally made my day because I really needed a good laugh at the end of it all.  And hell, I love TOYOTA…oh what a feeling!  (let’s hope you are old enough to get that reference.)


Well, it ended up we emailed back and forth about different things regarding the car’s mileage per gallon and some other things.  It is really weird because I have never met this person and don’t think I ever will.  I thought about that Found website when I read the note.  It would be a great addition to the site, only the letter reached its recipient.

Fascinating how we can connect with people over common things like this.  The initial contact did not come through the internet, which I found profound in this overwired world, because it would not have reached me.  The world is much smaller than you think…And the pen and paper, hardly extinct.

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