Work and Job


I’ve been doing a lot of work for the Foundation for Faces of Children lately.  We have the Paces for Faces walk on Sunday and this Jimmie Johnson Foundation money and then the add more campaign which I am constantly posting about on Facebook. I have seen the power of social media over the last week. We have 400 facebook friends on our site.  Wait, no, they are calling them “likes” now.  Anyway, lots of people are interested in the site.  We are probably 20 or 30 people stronger now.  It took about 2 weeks of work, but it is awesome to see the power.

I also wrote a press release for the walk.  I have not written a press release since 2001 when I worked with Plimoth Plantation, but it literally came second nature to me.  It has made me question everything again about my vocation.  I am certainly in no position to make a move now, but I felt something.  I felt a “call.”  I just do not know how I am going to make it work and become, well, work.  I had an informational interview recently for another archivist position and I was sitting there  thinking to myself, “this is not me any more.”  I love being in front of people, motivating them, selling something and getting them excited about the topic.  I like to write and express myself in that news or press release format.  I like to conduct research and boil it down for people so they, too, can understand and appreciate it the way that I do.  That last sentence is what last Friday was all about at work.  Presenting when you OWN your material is very different than when you are cobbling some bits of knowledge together and regurgitating it for a crowd.  It was loud and clear to me.  Friday it came full circle.  I can research information, I can ingest it and I can reinterpret it, or present it, to people in a way they can understand it.  As a reporter, an intern publicist and an educator I definitely succeed.  So where does that leave me?

I really love the non-profit work that I do for the Foundation because it combines all of those things.  I aspire to higher ground and that just may be it.  Or is there a a for profit place for me in the corporate world?

So many questions, I have lots of questions, but no answers yet.  That is okay.  I am evolving and forming.  I’ll make my move when the time and the situation is right.   I just hope it happens sooner than later, meaning sometime this decade rather than next.  🙂

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