A car named Betsy

I’ve had a lot of things to write about recently, so many things that I haven’t been able to really commit to one of these ideas. Then more ideas come my way each day and I think again, “I should write about that.” Needless to say, things are remembered and forgotten. My brain is an active place (and sometimes) insane place. It is like an 18 wheeler with numerous TV screens covering it, barreling down an open highway at 110 mph. …And people wonder why I have such an affinity for reality television.

With that said I will write today on what I have been thinking about over the last two days.

My car, oh my car, who I sometimes call Betsy. She will be retired tomorrow. She has been nothing, but trouble from the beginning. She continues to be trouble today. I was supposed to get rid of her today, but no. Not yet, the Karmic death grip she has on me will not let go. Today she curses with RMV, an easy target, but one more thing on her way out. I hope that Carfax history reports do not have a section on bad Karma, because then no one will buy this car.

I am sad to see her go, though. Sad I guess because I can relate to Betsy’s bad Karma. I have always said I have a sad affinity for this car because it is so very much like me. A dinged windshield right in the middle, burns through the oil and runs on fumes sometimes, can’t put on the brakes (i’ve had to replace the brakes twice), scratched up on the sides as it fights through each day. Sound like someone familiar?

You have to blame the owner on some of these, especially the body stuff. It is a physical representation of the trouble, adventures and other flat out craziness that I have experienced over the last 3 plus years.

I have also done many things that I am not proud of in that car and driven to many places I should not have driven, too. I won’t get into it here. This is a family blog. (ha!) The many conversations that I have had with myself in that car are important to me, too. I have been terrified about my mother’s health, eulogizing her many times over the course of 2008. There have also been exciting trips, listening to music loud and feeling very, very happy. I need to remember to see the happy times. It is awful hard for me to do. Undeniably, there were some happy times had by Betsy.

It is indeed the end of an era. An era I am glad to see end. This is the symbol of another new beginning i have been working hard to make happen over this last year. Really the changes are on-going, for it is true evolution.

That all said, I need to come up with a name for the new car. I am thinking Jade. It has some green in it. Lizzy for lizard could be cool. It does look like a lizard I think with the green-black and sometimes blue color.

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